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  1. Simon says:

    Hi Simon (My names is simon to!)

    I was hoping you could take a look at my training/stats ect, and perhaps offer up any advice on anything you would change, add or needs improvement. I just came off a fairly succesful indoor season and now am training towards making the Canadian Pan-Am Junior Team.

    Age : 19
    Height : 1.88 m
    Weight : 76.5 kg

    I am Training 7 days a week, here is what each day consists of, and the weight sessions i have and am doing in the month of May. The number of sets for lifting changes weekly in 4 week cycles which follow a set # pattern of (4 -5 -6 -3). The type of lifts i do depend on what cycle im in, but usually will remain fairly consistant to which muscles they work.

    Sunday – Event Specific Speed/Plyo Exercises and High Quality Technical work with High Jump, Lots of approachs, Drills to increase spatial awareness, Short approach jumps, 5-10 Full approach jumps at a high height.

    Monday – Weight Session (Upper Body) – Incline Press (sets of 3 reps @ 85%)
    – Weighted Pull ups (sets of 5)
    – 3 different Weighted Abdominal Exercises (sets of 10)

    Tuesday – Plyometric session usually involves fairly high volume of bounding, some event specific plyometric exercises, Box Jumps, Hurdle Jumps Ect.
    – Weight session – Front Squats (sets of 3 @ 85%) (Past 90 degrees)
    – Leg Curls (sets of 5 @ 80%)
    – Back Extensions (sets of 3 @ 85%)
    – One Legged Squats

    Wendsday- Day off/Recovery Day -> light jogging, lots of static streching, ice bath.

    Thursday- Weight Session – Power Cleans (sets of 3 @ 85%)
    – Jerks (sets of 3 @ 85%)
    – Glute Ham Raises (sets of 5)

    Friday – Speed Training Session – Dynamic Speed Drills, sets usually in the 30 -80m range. Usually done between 80-100% depending on the workout.

    Saturday – Weight Session – Jump Squats (sets of 2 @ 55%) (8-12 sets)
    – Snatch (sets of 3 @ 90%)
    – Reverse Hypers (sets of 10 @ 70%)
    – 3 Weight Abdominal Exercises (sets of 10)

    Personal Bests/Lifting Stats –

    High Jump – 2.00 m (many a time indoors) (9 Stride approach)
    1.95 m (3 stride approach)
    Standing Back over – 1.65 m
    Standing Long Jump – 3.17 m
    Static Vertical Jump – 71 cm
    3x Standing Long jumps – 9.55m
    Standing Triple Jump – 9.34 m
    30m (HT) – 3.79 s
    Flying 30m (HT) – 3.00 s
    3 Strides into 5 bounds -> 16.50 m
    100 m (elec.) 11.58

    Lifting Stats – This is my first year of real lifting with a strength coach, i have not done any 1 RM to date. But here are some lifting numbers.

    Power Clean -> 88.5 kg for 5 sets of 3
    Deep Squat -> 138 kg x 1 (alternating 3 reps at 90% / 1 rep at 95%)
    Power Snatch -> 61kg for 3 sets of 3
    Deep Front Squat -> 102 kg for 6 sets of 3

    And that about sums up my weekely training. Athletics Canada has set the high jump standard at 2.05, hopfully ill get it. Any Feedback would be appreciated. Love the site and the videos, keep up the good work!!




  2. Jonny Morgan-Gipsen says:

    Hi Si,

    Yes its me, I am back! My rehab has gone ok but I am no longer competing for Norway in Bobsleigh after my near death accident…I am now back playing Gridiron..American Football here in London but am aiming to play in Norway this summer.

    I am on D-Line, weigh 110 kg but still cover the 40 yards in a good time and my squat is till over 180 so its not too bad!

    Any advice on strength to power conversion pre season training would be awesome!




    • Simon Hunt says:

      Hey Jonny, the defensive line sounds tasty. Sooo glad to hear you are fit and well. Don´t smash that body around too badly….
      Your a big boy still at 110 and the squat is great! They just had the NFL combined events trial in the USA for american football, Ato Boldon coached the guy with the 2nd fastest time in the 40 yard dash. I´m working out of

      The owner Christian used to play american football in London and for the Trolls here in Oslo. Always wanted to try a little A.Footy so we gotta meet up. When are you coming over?

      Strength to power conversion. I take athletes form a 3 x 6 reps at 80% to a 5 to 6 week cycle of 3 x 2-3 reps at 90%+ on the clean/snatch and squat. Also bring in some plyometrics straight after the lifting of 3 reps before the 90 sec rest between sets. I like small lunge jumps for hight and on and off some 20 – 30cm boxes. These plyo´s have to be 100% technically good, not volume only 5 reps please. I highly recommend you come into a front squat phase so you bring in some quad and calf coordinated force development. Don´t let your ego worry you that the kgs are less on the front, work on you acceleration from the deep position. I also use 5 x 5 reps of body kg squat and hold at 90 degrees for 1 – 5 sec with a partner clapping behind so you can react from a isometic hold. I call them Maurice Green´s, very hard on the front squat position this one.
      Don´t forget you foot work drills to bro!!

      Kind regards SImon Hunt


  3. jump program says:

    great discussion. Thanks Simon for the list of workouts. I’m currently doing workouts to jump higher. Thank god I found free chapters for jumping higher. That was really amazing.


    • says:

      Thanks for all the support, glad to be a resource for others who share the jumping passion!!


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