Movement Drills

September 13th, 2006 · No Comments


All athletic exercises require good technique to perform them. To show you how to build a usefull technique I have introduced a series of basic movement drill videos. These include walking and running transition drills, hurdle walk overs/knee drives drills and jumping drills. Click each picture below to view and download to your video-ipod to take away into your training environment.

Hurdle Walk Overs – Right knee drive, left knee drive and full walk overs
Focus on moving your legs fast and freely, using a big and fast arm action. This exercise is as much about arm technique as leg technique so make sure to remember this. Try placing white tape or arm bands around your wrists so you can easily see if you are driving you arms up to your eye level. Keep an upright body posture through out.
5 Hurdles 3-4 feet apart, waist height. Drive the right knee and step over the hurdle placing the foot straight down on the floor. Follow with the left using a hurdling trail leg action, again placing the foot straight down on the floor. Repeat as fast as possible for all 5 hurdles. This is one rep, perform 3 reps and move on to left knee knee drives. The technique is the same driving the left knee first, perform 3 reps and move onto full walk overs. For the full walk overs, step over each hurdle in one stride placing the foot straight down. All these exercises are good for your running action and hip mobility.

Hurdle Drills – Knee and Straight Leg Drives
Use 5 hurdles up to waist high, 3-4 feet apart. Knee Drives – Using a lateral movement drive each knee lifting the foot over each hurdle. Going over all 5 hurdles and back again is one rep. Do 3 reps and move on to Straight Leg Drives. For the Straight Leg Drives do the same but bring the leg over each hurdle while keeping it as straight as possible. Use a good arm action for both of these drills. Focus on a good posture and moving your legs as fast as you can. These drills are good for establishing rhythm and leg speed. It is good to do this in pairs, on either side of the hurdles, allowing athletes to compete for speed.



Brazilian Twists
Agility, Balance and Co-ordination. All of these are covered in this exercise. Be as quick as you can with the upper body when turning. Keep the legs neat with a high knee action and stay light on your feet bouncing on the ball of your foot. Use 5 hurdle up to waist height. Perform 3 reps clockwise and 3 reps anti-clockwise for one set. 2 – 3 sets will do it.


12 Responses to Drills

  1. todd says:

    thanks for sharing this information!


  2. tony tyson says:

    fabulous offering


  3. Adrian says:

    Cool exercises. If u have more drills pls add


  4. Paul Bouchard says:

    This is a great site!
    Are the drills etc available on dvd?


  5. Bill Harbeck says:

    Ditto Paul……Drills are great.
    Do you have more on the TJ.


  6. Chris Holloman says:

    I briefly watched the bobsled sprint training video…I was intrigued by the backwards standing long jump. Other than a ridiculous amount of torque on the lower back, what is beneficial to?
    My other question for you… not to bombard you, is I’ve noticed that an athlete will frequently injure him/herself (lower hamstring) in the last 3-4 strides of their approach in the high jump (curve)… any suggestions on why this might be? The only thing I can think of, mechanically, is that they might be over striding and ‘pulling’ to much as their foot contacts the ground.
    Thanks again for great videos and resource material!
    Reno, NV USA


  7. Thanks for sharing this information, I will try to add it to my daily workouts.


  8. Jumpman says:

    Interesting and fun exercises, something new!


  9. Chris says:

    Hey Simon.

    Nice website you have a lot of intersting information on here. I wonder if you could tell me where i could get my hands on some hurdles such as the ones stefan uses in his hurdle jumps. I cant find them anywhere!




    • Simon Hunt says:

      @Chris, Thanks a lot. So glad the information is useful too you. The hurdles Stefan Holm uses are made out of wood and cain. Typically swedish! My friends Fuzz Ahmed UK National High Jump Coach, had some made using plastic water piping from a hardware store. Worked well and safe as possible. Stefan holm and his farther, Jonny, show me some excellent drills and technique exercises when I was there in Karlstad, Sweden.


  10. jump program says:

    Great. I have this one also. DVD training ad manual also.


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