Jon Willy Phase 1 Year 2 Planing

Jon has complete 7 weeks of base conditioning before the start of his second winter training. You can read his programme here for this phase, large numbers of reps in the gym and many km of running has been great preparation. Being over 50 now we have decided to extend the normal range of each phase of 6 weeks to 7 – 8 weeks. This is to give his body a little bit longer to physiologically adapt to the training stimulus. My only concern is the nervous system burn out after week 7, but Jon has a busy season now playing and composing so the 8 weeks will give us the real world flexibility that we need.

The principles of this phase are:

  • Hypertrophy
  • Full range of movement
  • Mechanics and consistency

To track our progress we will be looking at a number of baseline tests. Jon has already lost over 20kg of body weight over the last year and now is a very steady 79-80 kg. Here are the test we are thinking of doing.

  • Body Composition (fat% muscle mass etc.)
  • Clean max
  • Full squat and 90 degrees squat max
  • Leg press max
  • Jurk/push press
  • 30m sprint
  • Standing high and long jump
  • Bounding 5 reps
  • Medicine ball throws front/back/shot L/shit R/chest/football

Phase 1 planing

Plyometrics 2 x weekly

  • Full squat jump rebound to box 50cm
  • Bounding
  • Reps for 5 rounds are 13-8-5-3-2

Weights 2 x weekly

  • Clean & shoulder press
  • Full squat/leg press & bench
  • Reps for 3 rounds are 21-13-8

Sprints 2 x weekly

  • Distance in metets 30-50-70-100-70-50-30 = 400m
  • 300m in 40-50 seconds x 3 = 900m (21-27 km/h)
  • Hill runs 40.60m x 8 = 320-480m

Core 3 x weekly

  • Hip & triangle sit
  • Canali sit up to extension
  • 5-10 rounds, reps 10-8-6-4-2 progression to 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 after 6 weeks

Core 3 x weekly

  • Push and pull knees 20s each
  • X – push knees 20s
  • 90 deg 20s
  • 60 deg 20s
  • Slow sit up straight legs 20s up 20s down
  • Slow sit up bent legs 20s up 20s down

Circuits – we will work this out Jon…





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Jumps and Plyometrics First Session @ Front Yard with Coach Simon Hunt

Rickard is an ex swimmer and this was his first jumps session. The mechanics of this session was all double foot work warming up with full range exercises and learning how to accelerate the body mass through hip and ankle extension. Consistency was achieved though repetition, and intensity was controlled by jump hight, length and hight of fall in the depth jump. The biggest risk in this training is the ground contact forces on landing.

We defined plyometrics as “The ability to load and unload a muscle groups as quickly as possible”

We described the different ways of jumping by using a proactive – reactive (self – externally paced) continuum. With rebound plyometrics on the reactive end of the scale.

The key to plyometric exercises is keeping the ground contact time quick under 0.2 sec where the loading phase initiates the stretch reflex in the muscles. learning to combine this reflex with the voluntary contractions learnt in the jump exercises will produce best results.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Warm up 80 reps

  • 800m row
  • Full squats x 20
  • Full squat jump x 10
  • 1/2 Squat jump x 10
  • Calf raise x 20
  • Bent leg calf raise x 20

Ladder jumps 90 reps

  • 1/4 tram jumps 3 x 10
  • Narrow – wide 3 x 10
  • Left – right 3 x 10

Standing Jumps 21 reps

  • 25cm Depth jump to hold x 3
  • 25cm Depth jump to rebound x 3
  • Standing long jump x 3
  • Standing long jump – bum kick x 3
  • Standing long jump – knees up x 3
  • Standing long jump – bum kick, knees up x 3
  • Standing long jump for distance x 3

Total reps = 191

Total ground contacts with 2 feet = 111

Training was done @ Front Yard Studio Majorstuveien 17a 0367 Oslo, Norway


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Canali Posterior Chain with Jon Willy

Jon Willy posture and Canali training for posterior chain with Coach Simon Hunt at Front Yard. Pictures and video below.  This training is based on the work of Vincenzo Canali and Italian Professor in posture in sport. Exercises are performed in a progression of increasing control and range of motion through six phases of training.

  1. Passive position – no muscle contraction and help from coach
  2. Active – static position with muscle contraction
  3. Eccentric – lengthening of muscle under contraction in and out of position
  4. Concentric – shortening of muscle under contraction in and our of position
  5. Dynamic – ability to hold position and control instability thrown at the body
  6. Sports specific – ability to function through all positioning in the sporting environment

The exercises we did are basic and fundamental to further progression of movement control. Static exercises are held for 30 secs for now. Mobility exercises are done with control and through the full range possible.

  • Roll situps with shoulder extension.
  • Single leg straight with shoulder press lying.
  • Standing piked shoulder extension stretch.
  • Pressing through foot to hands standing piked.
  • Sitting arch and ball for lumbar mobility.

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 13.13.03.png

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Strength and Conditioning for the Coach

Today´s strength and conditioning session for me was varied with lighter weight and higer volume than I would normally do. After a great game of cricket on Sunday in the sun, with Oslo Aliens CC,  I could feel my legs. I was mainly fielding close in the covers cutting off single runs, squatting, diving and sprinting about for 3 hours gives me a good understanding of the condition needed to be competitive at the end of an innings in the field.

This session was completed over 90 mins in my Front Yard Studio.

  1. 800m Row + dynamic stretching
  2. Kettle bell squats x 20 + straight leg dead lift x 20 @ 16kg – 3 rounds (120 reps)
  3. Canali shoulders lying piked or knees to chest
  4. Shoulder press x 10 @ 10kg + overhead full squat with pole x 10 – 3 rounds (60 reps)
  5. 3 point clean @ 60 – 80kg + push press x 10 @30 – 40kg – 3 rounds (39 reps)
  6. Front squat full x 10 @ 40kg – 3 rounds (30 reps)
  7. Back squat full x 10 @ 60kg – 3 rounds (30 reps)
  8. Bench 20 wide + 15 narrow @ 20kg
  9. Bench x 10 @ 50kg – 3 rounds (30 reps)
  10. Bicep curl x 10 @ 20kg + dips x 10 + pull ups full x 5 – 3 rounds (75 reps)

Total reps = 419


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Jon Willy M50 High Jump – Pre Winter Aerobic Conditioning

Training programme for 6 weeks of aerobic conditioning before the start of phase 1 strength conditioning for high jump. The principles are strength based movement done correctly, consistency of repetitions to keep heart rate high and intensity is controlled by speed of movement and rest periods.


Jon Willy M50 High Jump


This is a 6 week training block with 5 – 6 session per week, approximately 30 training sessions. 2 x week weights, 2 x week running total 15-20km and 1-2 x week PT posture and Canali workshops. In this block the running should total over 100 km, weights will be 5,000 – 6,000 reps and 6+ hours of PT workshop. This volume and consistency in movements will training the aerobic and nervous control systems preparing them for winter phase 1, the next 6 week training block. Target zone for the heart rate is 60 -80% HRmax, for 50 yr old this will be 102 – 136 bpm. This range should be held throughout each training session.

Weight training session 2 x weekly

800m row + dynamic stretching and mobility

Barbell complex
1) Up right row x3
2) High pull snatch x3
3) Squat shoulder press x3
4) Good morning x3
5) Bent over row x3
6) Deadlift x3
7) Bicep curl x3
(Repeat 3 times = 63 reps x 3 = 189 reps)

All of the above is repeated 3 time with no rest continuously. Full rest after each set and repeat 3 rounds

Squats 8-10kg kettle bell

Narrow x 20
Normal x 20
Wide x 20
(Repeat 3 time = 60 x 3 = 180)

5 x 10 reps at 30kg into 3 depth jump 30cm box. Full rest
Total 50 reps, 15 reps depth jump

Barbell Squats
5 x 10 at 45 – 50 kg into 3 full pull ups
Total 50 reps squat, 15 reps pull up

Volume totals for this block of training
Barbell 189 x 10 – 12 = 1890 – 2208 reps
Kettle bell squats 180 x 10 – 12 = 1800 – 2160
Cleans 50 x 10 – 12 = 500 – 600
Barbell squats 50 x 10 – 12 = 500 – 600
Pull ups 15 x 10 – 12 = 150 – 180
Depth jump 30cm 15 x 10 – 12 = 150 – 180

10 sessions = 4990 reps
12 session = 5928 reps


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High Jump Training at Moss Athletics Club

Every Tuesday I travel to Moss to train Jon who is M50 class veteran and Astrid who is Norwegian indoor and outdoor champion for under 16´s high jump. Moss is a nice soft track and great to jump on. On this video the first exercise is punchy little steps, second is 1,2´s rhythm and finally full approach. Coach Simon Hunt – Front Yard Oslo #frntyrd

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Legs @ Front Yard

Training myself again this Monday in my new studio Front Yard. Today was back and legs and I managed to film some squats and deadlifts so you can see the studio.

Squats were 60 kg 3 x 10 and Deadlifts were 60 kg 3 x 30 reps with different grips. The full programme of my training is the same as Wednesday and you can read the post here.

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