Margrethe Renstrøm

Video analysis and training programmes.

Training session in Beislett Oslo May 2007, Long jump, triple jump, 5 bounds and 5 hops. Click the picture below to view and download.

Bislett stadium, oslo, 4/5/07, training session drills and 7 stride approach long jump. Click the picture below to view and download

Long jump training session at Bislett Stadium, Oslo. 3 Stride, 7 stride and 16 stride full approach long jumping. Working on left leg extention and rotation in the air. Note that the leg extention on the full approach jump is not as good as on the 3 and 7 stride approach. Also the air time (aprox 20 frames) is the same in the 7 stride jump and in the 16 stride full approach jumps.

Clean Max Test Sognsvann. 5 reps – 5 min rest between reps. 55 – 65 kg. Successful lift = plus 5 kg, failure = minus 2.5 kg.

Training File Click Here

Training/Federation Support Plan Click Here


5 Responses to M.Renstrøm

  1. Hi.. Really a very good points you have carried on.. The videos were very helpful!. Great Hub.


  2. mark bethea says:

    i am a 44yr old heart transplantee who will be competing in the us transplant games next july(www.transplantgames.org).in the past,i have had some knee problems when jumping.wanted to know of some progression jump training that won’t be so taxing.


  3. joy says:

    hello. i am an almost 50 year old woman. been training w freeweights and machines about 3 years but 6 months ago got a new job and much less time to train, lots of sitting at a desk and also travelling; bad food, bad rest, little exercise. still pretty muscular but getting thicker in the middle. started in w a gym (north carolina, u.s.) called cross fit and learned a little bit about o style lifting and loved it, but no time as it’s quite a distance from home and work and also it’s quite expensive. i’ve been looking all over for videos of how to do it myself. found some good used barbells, got a good deal! lots of videos out there of people talk talk talking about the lift, then doing it and talking about it some more, also lots of videos of people doing the lift with somebody else talk talk talking about it. i can’t learn it that way. but, then i found this fabulous site and there you are dancing the lifts to the music, no talk, just doing the movement over and over again, and in slo mo! so i can really see it and learn it. i can see already you will save me lots of wasted time that i would have been getting it wrong. at cross fit they had me start w 95 lbs. what the hell is that in euro weight? 43kg. i’m afraid to do that alone in my garage. what do you say?


  4. Hi Simon,

    I just wanted to critique your video here a bit. I think if your athlete would shorten her pause at the dip position. She would have much larger completion rate and a much higher max rep rating. Stoping the momentum momentarily like she is not only kills the rythum of the lift, but forces her to use far more energy than is necessary to complete each maximum rep. It’s great for beginner lifters to to extend that pause in the dip using lighter weight, so that they can learn the proper movement, but for an experienced lifter during a max cycle its much more detrimental than it is helpful. Just my opinion from one exercise scientist to another. Thanks for the help with the approach calculator!

    – Justin


    • sihunt.co.uk@googlemail.com says:

      Hey thanks for the great comment. I really appreciate technical advice around posture and lifting. She was pausing a lot mainly due to here being new to max lifting and in the process of building confidence. I don’t coach here any longer, her mother does now. Regards Simon


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