Jumps and Plyometrics First Session @ Front Yard with Coach Simon Hunt

Rickard is an ex swimmer and this was his first jumps session. The mechanics of this session was all double foot work warming up with full range exercises and learning how to accelerate the body mass through hip and ankle extension. Consistency was achieved though repetition, and intensity was controlled by jump hight, length and hight of fall in the depth jump. The biggest risk in this training is the ground contact forces on landing.

We defined plyometrics as “The ability to load and unload a muscle groups as quickly as possible”

We described the different ways of jumping by using a proactive – reactive (self – externally paced) continuum. With rebound plyometrics on the reactive end of the scale.

The key to plyometric exercises is keeping the ground contact time quick under 0.2 sec where the loading phase initiates the stretch reflex in the muscles. learning to combine this reflex with the voluntary contractions learnt in the jump exercises will produce best results.

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Warm up 80 reps

  • 800m row
  • Full squats x 20
  • Full squat jump x 10
  • 1/2 Squat jump x 10
  • Calf raise x 20
  • Bent leg calf raise x 20

Ladder jumps 90 reps

  • 1/4 tram jumps 3 x 10
  • Narrow – wide 3 x 10
  • Left – right 3 x 10

Standing Jumps 21 reps

  • 25cm Depth jump to hold x 3
  • 25cm Depth jump to rebound x 3
  • Standing long jump x 3
  • Standing long jump – bum kick x 3
  • Standing long jump – knees up x 3
  • Standing long jump – bum kick, knees up x 3
  • Standing long jump for distance x 3

Total reps = 191

Total ground contacts with 2 feet = 111

Training was done @ Front Yard Studio Majorstuveien 17a 0367 Oslo, Norway



About Simon Hunt

As a professional for over 15 years with a strong academic background, Simon has developed dynamic style of personal training. Effective, functional training routines, tailored towards your personal health and fitness goals are what he loves to work towards. This style of training is based around a wealth of experience that includes, working with numerous World and Olympic athletes, developing Norwegian sport champions, preventing heart problems and other diseases through exercise as a medicine, as well as countless private clients. www.sihunt.wordpress,com www.youtube.com/user/SiHunt As professional athlete and personal trainer, i have over 24 years experience in athletics where my expertise lie in the jump events and sprints. I also have knowledge of basketball and gymnastics. I have 15 years experience working as personal trainer 6 of which as an exercise physiologist training heart patients, ranging from angina to transplant, as well as many other specialised conditions i.e. diabetics etc.
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