Jon Willy M50 High Jump – Pre Winter Aerobic Conditioning

Training programme for 6 weeks of aerobic conditioning before the start of phase 1 strength conditioning for high jump. The principles are strength based movement done correctly, consistency of repetitions to keep heart rate high and intensity is controlled by speed of movement and rest periods.


Jon Willy M50 High Jump


This is a 6 week training block with 5 – 6 session per week, approximately 30 training sessions. 2 x week weights, 2 x week running total 15-20km and 1-2 x week PT posture and Canali workshops. In this block the running should total over 100 km, weights will be 5,000 – 6,000 reps and 6+ hours of PT workshop. This volume and consistency in movements will training the aerobic and nervous control systems preparing them for winter phase 1, the next 6 week training block. Target zone for the heart rate is 60 -80% HRmax, for 50 yr old this will be 102 – 136 bpm. This range should be held throughout each training session.

Weight training session 2 x weekly

800m row + dynamic stretching and mobility

Barbell complex
1) Up right row x3
2) High pull snatch x3
3) Squat shoulder press x3
4) Good morning x3
5) Bent over row x3
6) Deadlift x3
7) Bicep curl x3
(Repeat 3 times = 63 reps x 3 = 189 reps)

All of the above is repeated 3 time with no rest continuously. Full rest after each set and repeat 3 rounds

Squats 8-10kg kettle bell

Narrow x 20
Normal x 20
Wide x 20
(Repeat 3 time = 60 x 3 = 180)

5 x 10 reps at 30kg into 3 depth jump 30cm box. Full rest
Total 50 reps, 15 reps depth jump

Barbell Squats
5 x 10 at 45 – 50 kg into 3 full pull ups
Total 50 reps squat, 15 reps pull up

Volume totals for this block of training
Barbell 189 x 10 – 12 = 1890 – 2208 reps
Kettle bell squats 180 x 10 – 12 = 1800 – 2160
Cleans 50 x 10 – 12 = 500 – 600
Barbell squats 50 x 10 – 12 = 500 – 600
Pull ups 15 x 10 – 12 = 150 – 180
Depth jump 30cm 15 x 10 – 12 = 150 – 180

10 sessions = 4990 reps
12 session = 5928 reps



About Simon Hunt

As a professional for over 15 years with a strong academic background, Simon has developed dynamic style of personal training. Effective, functional training routines, tailored towards your personal health and fitness goals are what he loves to work towards. This style of training is based around a wealth of experience that includes, working with numerous World and Olympic athletes, developing Norwegian sport champions, preventing heart problems and other diseases through exercise as a medicine, as well as countless private clients. www.sihunt.wordpress,com As professional athlete and personal trainer, i have over 24 years experience in athletics where my expertise lie in the jump events and sprints. I also have knowledge of basketball and gymnastics. I have 15 years experience working as personal trainer 6 of which as an exercise physiologist training heart patients, ranging from angina to transplant, as well as many other specialised conditions i.e. diabetics etc.
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