110m Hurdle Winter Training Christoffer Adielsson

This is a winter training session on the 26th September 2011 at Bislett Stadium Oslo, Norway. Winter training phase 1, so my focus is on fitness and conditioning. I am also working on Christiffer´s running and hurdling technique, so lots of drills and observing. Chris was also wearing the heart rate monitor Garmin Forerunner 305. Total calories burned 1,593 Kcal in 2 h 20m.

110m Hurdle Training Christoffer Adielsson

Winter Training Christoffer Adielsson Heart Rate Graph

1000m Jog and stretches 1 -25

110m Hurdle Training Christoffer Adielsson

Winter Training Christoffer Adielsson Heart Rate Data


  • Ankle rolls 3 x 10m + transition
  • Ankle + heel 3 x 10m + transition
  • Ankle, Heel + knee 3 x 15m + transition
  • Straight leg 3 x 20m + transition


  • 2 x 60m acceleration
  • 2 x 60m 30m hard acceleration + 30 cruse control

Hurdles, one stride quick legs + correct arms 5m run on

3 x 5 hurdles 10 feet apart

  1. 6.38s
  2. 6.50s
  3. 6.62s

3 x 8 hurdles 10 feet apart

  1. 8.38
  2. 8.44
  3. 8.47

3 x 10 hurdles 10 feet apart

  1. 8.38
  2. 8.44
  3. 8.47

Shot Throwing

4kg over head throw x 4

  1. 15.60m
  2. 15.50m
  3. 16.70m

4kg forward throw x 5

  1. 15.10m
  2. 15.50m
  3. 15.90m
  4. 16.10m
  5. 16.13m

Pole Vault Bed Circuit

4 Sets 1min rest between sets

  1. High knee sprint 15 sec
  2. Lunges x 12
  3. Jump Lunges x 12
  4. Bunny Jumps x 6

This is a quality leg workout for everyone, especially high jumpers and power athletes. It is a very good cardiovascular workout, as well as improving ankle and hip stability due to the uneven surface. Doing this on a large high jump or pole vault bed reduces stress and impact on the joints, and gives some soft resistance.


About Simon Hunt

As a professional for over 15 years with a strong academic background, Simon has developed dynamic style of personal training. Effective, functional training routines, tailored towards your personal health and fitness goals are what he loves to work towards. This style of training is based around a wealth of experience that includes, working with numerous World and Olympic athletes, developing Norwegian sport champions, preventing heart problems and other diseases through exercise as a medicine, as well as countless private clients. www.sihunt.wordpress,com www.youtube.com/user/SiHunt As professional athlete and personal trainer, i have over 24 years experience in athletics where my expertise lie in the jump events and sprints. I also have knowledge of basketball and gymnastics. I have 15 years experience working as personal trainer 6 of which as an exercise physiologist training heart patients, ranging from angina to transplant, as well as many other specialised conditions i.e. diabetics etc.
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One Response to 110m Hurdle Winter Training Christoffer Adielsson

  1. christoffer says:

    Nice Traning Simon!
    And you really pushed me through the session =)


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