Norwegian Record in womens long jump

European Championship BARCELONA (from ANB)

A week ago, she considered dropping out of the European Championships. But now Margrethe Renstrøm does not regret that she changed her mind.

Without the pressures and expectations, due to her knee, Margrethe Renstrøm qualified for the long jump final in Barcelona. Against all odds, she improved her Norwegian record from last year by 4cm – to 6.68m.

And was rewarded with an unexpected in the final of her  European Championship debut.


– “This is hardly to be believe. Yes, almost unreal,” exclaimed 25-year-old from Søgne when she had barely digested the record shock.

Almost a year she has struggled with jumpers knee in her right leg. Also when she beat Berit Bert´s legendary and ancient Norwegian record (6.56) in the National finals in Lillehammer last year, she was bothered by it.

– “But I have managed to keep it in check, partly by adding to the training so that the load on the right leg has become less, “says Renstrøm. But a week ago the pain worsened. It was so bad that she seriously considered dropping the whole European tour.

She had written off the final

– “But after a training session in Kristiansand Stadium last Thursday, I decided nevertheless to travel”, she says.

And the regret she certainly does not today. For now, she is suddenly in the European Championship finals, she had long ago written off the possibility of.

– Early in the season there was a realistic goal. But this situation has been in the past, there has not been in my thoughts, “said Tjalve-girl overwhelmed.

– I was really happy just to come here, and had no pressure at all, “she adds.

Rises when it comes
But perhaps precisely why it was surprising result as it was – in addition to that, she apparently is a championship performer.

– Yes, I have the ability to raise me in the championship. It can often go so-so in training, but I manage to exploit the tension positive regard, “says Southerners, who either could not unsettle that first jump was dead.

– I had not completed a full jump more than once in the past month, so I was very uncertain in advance. Front of the second attempt I moved the run-half feet backwards to be sure. And it ended with a perfect board. There was absolutely no talk of a hedge jump. I just “snogging the” smiling Margrethe.

The situation reminded undeniably the Championship last year, when she was struck with a record jump by four invalid attempts. (ANB)

Switching satsfot?
Our record holder in long jump has long considered to replace satsfot.

– I did not take a chance on it now, but there is a possibility that I will do it eventually, “said Renstrøm who jumped 6.10 to bet on his left foot.

But that is enough right foot in Wednesday’s European Championship finals. A final she had expected to see from the stands. Now, she is instead one of the players.

Against all odds.


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